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Luksoverse - Docs

The community place for docs

Complete Mainnet Setup

A complete guide to prepare your system, install your node and setup monitoring by LUKSO dev Felix Hildebrandt.

Staking Services

Stakingverse also has no-coding options so anyone can participate in staking and earn rewards.


How to remove depricated node tools and their data.

Advanced Setup

Community Guides how to use an advanced setup to acces your node externally.

Community Archive

Setting up your system and start the LUKSO network.

LUKSO Archive

Guides and Specs for L16 and depricated LUKSO CLI versions.

Docs & Community Guides

Created by the community, for its members and projects.


Create your own Community Guides, manuals or any other tech-doc for your LUKSO project and contribute them to our GitHub.


Check out our website and channels.