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Node Uninstall

Guide by Felix Hildebrandt

LUKSO CLI Uninstall

This guide is suited for L16 nodes running a docker installation up to the LUKSO CLI Version 4.9.0. If you are using an newer version, paths and tools might not fully align. Use the uninstall commands at own risk.

The LUKSO CLI is installed within /usr/local/bin/lukso, and links to Docker. You will have to remove:

  • CLI Tool
  • Docker Containers & Images
  • Node folder

Commands may need admin permission

1. Stop the Node

$ lukso network stop validator
$ lukso network stop

2. Remove LUKSO CLI

$ cd /usr/local/bin
$ ls -al
$ rm -rf lukso

Remove Monitoring

If you want to fully remove all node data and monitoring software, you can also stop and remove Prometheus, Grafana and all tools that were needed for them.

# Stop monitoring software
$ systemctl stop grafana-server
$ systemctl stop prometheus

# Remove packages installed with apt-get
$ apt remove apt-transport-https software-properties-common wget grafana-enterprise

# Remove binaries
$ cd /usr/local/bin
$ rm -rf node_exporter prometheus promtool blackbox_exporter

# Remove libraries
$ cd /var/lib
$ rm -rf prometheus grafana
$ cd /lib/systemd/system
$ rm-rf grafana-server.service grafana-server.service.old

# Remove config and databases
$ cd /etc
$ rm -rf prometheus grafana blackbox_exporter
$ cd /etc/systemd/system
$ rm -rf prometheus.service grafana.service blackbox_exporter.service

3. Remove Docker Data

There are two different ways of removing docker data: soft-reset or hard-reset. If you are not running anything else on the node, just prune your docker system to remove all data. You can also uninstall docker-compose and docker after. If you have other software using docker, just remove the node-specific data.

Option A: Only Remove Node Data

Get all the CONTAINER_IDs of the containers named like:

  • docker-geth/geth:
  • docker-prysm/beacon:
  • docker-prysm/validator:

They have to be remove one by one.

$ docker ps -a
$ docker rm CONTAINER_ID

Get all the IMAGE_IDs of the images named like:

  • docker-geth/geth
  • docker-prysm/beacon
  • docker-prysm/validator

They have to be remove one by one.

$ docker images -a
$ docker rmi IMAGE_ID

Option B: Prune Docker

If you installed docker via and used curl scripts to install the docker-compose add-on as described by the LUKSO documentation, the following commands will match the installation folders and can be removed.

# Prune Docker Data
$ docker system prune -a

# Remove Docker Compose
$ rm -rf /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

# Remove Docker
$ rm -rf /var/lib/docker
$ rm -rf /etc/docker

4. Backup and Folder Removal

Now you can backup your private keys and remove the node folder with all its contents. Exchange NODE_FOLDER with your node folder name. If you do not want to create a backup just delete the node folder without further redo.

$ cd ~
$ mkdir l16-key-backup
$ mv keystore ~/l16-key-backup/keystore
$ mv transaction_wallet ~/l16-key-backup/transaction_wallet
$ cd ..
$ rm -rf NODE_FOLDER