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Troubleshooting L16 Testnet

Permission denied

If you get an error that the permission is denied use sudo in front of your command.

Sync issues

When your node is not syncing use the following steps. All steps have to be executed in your node directory so first cd to the right directory.

Update the LUKSO CLI

sudo curl | sudo bash

Update your node files

sudo lukso network update

Restart you node

sudo lukso network restart

Start your validator

sudo lukso network validator start

It will take some time before you are fully synced and showing up on the stats pages. You can see the syncing progress in your logs.


You can update Bootnodes with

lukso network update

You need to restart your node to make the changes effective

lukso network restart

Change your node name

If you want to change your node name you can do this in the file node_config.yaml

sudo nano node_config.yaml

Change your node name close it with ctrl+X and save it.

More fixes will be added if necessary.